I hadn't even had time to think about what I was going to write here before my subconscious took over my brain and reminded me at how horrible I was at keeping a consistent blog.  Does anyone actually read this?  No bother, it doesn't matter if you do or not!

Anywho, let me tell you all about my life for the past month, or that which I can recall because I am currently being distracted by the rays of sun coming through my window (Scotland isn't all rain and clouds!).

February started after my hike in the snow at Loch Lomond.  Somewhat discouraged by the fact that the snow was stalking me all the way from Canada, my ever present and knowledgable Big Vet filled me in on the sure-fire signs to identify spring.  


1.  Snowbells- little flowers with bases that look like tulips, that grows these flimsy little stems and have this adorable white hanging flower
2. Crocuses- purple, yellow and white flowers, with bases like tulips which are close to the ground and cover the hillsides and anything that will let them grow
3. Daffodils- the cute little yellow flowers with their cup-like center, that we all love
4.  Tulips- if you don't know what a tulip is, I just took your name off my list of friends

It wasn't long before the snowbells had made their appearance, and then they were overtaken with crocuses, and now daffodils and tulips are beginning to make their appearance.  As is the sun.  Life is good!

So take that Canada, and your bitter cold snap!
But what February really was all about was "The Weekend of Dreams".  I will explain.
This weekend of dreams, which overlaps with Valentines Day, basically is what sets Glasgow

University apart from all other vet schools and makes us awesome.  Why?  Well, Thursday (13th) begins with Mr. Vet School.  This is a pageant for men to shake what their momma's gave them and flaunts their lady-lumps across stage in lingerie, evening wear, and in some sort of talent.  Then after eliminations (and tears on stage), the boy become men in competitions which can take the shape of just about everything.  I won't let you into too much into our secret world of awesome but let's just say, it was fantastic.  The following hangover day was V-Day and together, with Laurel and Katy, we took to one of our favourite bars (Hillhead Bookclub) and partook in a ménage à trois.  Sounds pretty hilarious, right?  It was.  Then on Saturday was the fanciest evening of them all, according to Vet School, in which we swapped scrubs, wellies, coveralls, bodily fluids and dirt for evening dresses, make-up, hairspray and kilts.  The vet school took over the Hilton in downtown Glasgow where we were treated to a black-tie affair, complete with ceilidh dancing.   I can't even begin to fill you in on how fantastic and expensive that weekend was (which was totally worth it).  

And then, to top off my procrastination in February, the Olympics arrived.  Since I have been without a TV since I have arrived in Scotland, I took to BBC on my Mac to watch basically every event known to man.   I completed absolutely no homework, I got headaches from staring at my computer screen for so long and I made bets with myself as to how long I could watch TV without putting clothes on (because clothes meant being a real person and the only thing I was going to be real person for was to go to school, or marry Prince Charming).

I also acquired/stole/adopted/found a charcoal BBQ.  In the ever damp world of Scotland, lighting a charcoal BBQ is a challenge, especially for someone who has never lit a charcoal BBQ.  So I recruited my Safa (Roxy), Yankee (Katy) and Canadian (Rachel) for a BBQ and a crash course on how to use hairspray to light a grill.  

Then, I went and saw my first concert in Scotland.  It was none other than ERIC CHURCH.  

*excuse me while I fan-girl for a moment...*

Finally, as the great finale to an excellent month, the Mom of the Refreshers AKA the glue that holds us together and helps maintain my sanity, was able to convince ~20 "apparent" adults to dress up as superheros and go bowling for her birthday.  I will tell you right now, you know you are special when you can make ANYONE, especially me, dress in a spandex outfit and go in public like that.  I learned several things from that night:

1. Don't bowl in heels
2. It is possible to glue your eyelids shut with eyelash glue
3. I suck at bowling, so if anyone ever proposes this as a date, prepare yourself to use the alley with bumpers
So how does one follow an epic month like that?  Like this:  write a paper on testis, start the last module of your first year in vet school, go to Wale to lamb and bring little babies into the world on your birthday, and pack your life into a mini-suitcase to go to Paris.  

Life is good!

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