About this Blog

How this blog started:

I decided to start a blog in April 2012 when I was about to set out on my journey to Zimbabwe for 4 weeks.  I figured that it would be easy to write what is essentially an online journal about my life and the things I was doing while I was gone and then I would call it quits.

That didn't go so well.

When I was away during May and June 2012, the time I spent travelling was consumed with activities and there was never any time for me to sit down and type out my thoughts about the day that has just passed.  Instead, I kept a written notebook of the things I did during the day so that I would be able to recall and eventually reiterate to the world what I had done while I was gone, and how much of a life changing experience it was for me.

Then nearly 2 months after my return from Africa, I decided enough was enough.  I wanted to capture the experiences I had, share them with people who wanted to hear about them, and put them in writing for me to look back on.

Where are we now?

Currently, I find myself in Scotland, the land of perpetual rain and cloud cover, which is not all doom and gloom as one would imagine.  I am busting my butt about the University of Glasgow as a VET STUDENT (cue happy dance) and will be here until 2018.

Now, as time passes, this blog serves as a scrapbook of all the best things that happen as they come.

Welcome to the ramblings of a student, dreamer and wannabe travel blogger!

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