January:  The month of new beginnings, resolutions, and wishful thinking which inevitably leads to February, and often times disappointment.

I looked at January as an opportunity to have a brighter outlook on life given the rough year that 2013 shaped up to be and let me tell you, it has been a struggle.

Moving back to Glasgow was hard.  I wasn't being left behind by my family this time but instead I was coming home to open arms and it was not long after I accepted the warm embrace of home, friends and family, that I was turning away and leaving.  Saying goodbye does not get easier the more times it happens and for some reason, being left is easier than making the decision to leave.  Maybe it is because you do not have a choice in the matter whereas being 'the leaver' means you make the conscious decision to get out, and get out quick.

Glasgow, my (third?) home, took me back but not without complications.  I won't bore you with the details of what really irritates me, but on top of all that, my roommate and I were faced with possible eviction over a lease with the wrong landlords name.  A mistake which I happened to point out and not only did the agency threaten that, but they made us forge a new lease by back-dating said document.  Pretty outrageous.  Now I have that little card up my sleeve for when they try and screw us out of or damage deposit which I have no doubts, they will try to do.

In other news, I temporarily landed a new furry roommate, Kade.  Kade, the terrier/poodle mix, became the thorn in my side, my snuggle buddy and woman's best friend all at the same time.  I have revived my inner babysitter, been forcibly made to play with more trains than I can count and I have a collection of 5-year old Picasso's on my fridge.  I also purchased not one, not two, but THREE dresses for vet ball because I have still not outgrown indecisiveness.  I've embraced having a glass of wine when I try and pretend to study, and I landed a lambing opportunity in Wales where I will spend the better part of two weeks pulling lambs out of straining ewes and bottle feeding the itty, bitty babies.  Loch Lomoond is now my weekend destination of choice as long as it means I do not need to hike in the snow (thats why I live in Canada- I only bargained for rain in this country).  I also learned how to drive in the UK, albeit, I receive the occasional honk for something I apparently did wrong but have yet to recognize.  I have mastered putting a cow in a crush, flipping a sheep and suturing at half light-speed.  I have also developed an irrational fear of eating and drinking anything after taking lectures of food borne illnesses way to seriously so I am currently overcooking everything I eat, and drinking only water that has been boiled (i.e.: tea).  Best of all, we are now more than half way through the school year, with only two of the six modules remaining, with a sizeable break in between both modules to go lambing, which I will also fill with a trip to Paris with Daddio.

Long story short, school rocks, my social life still sucks, my desire to drink wine is the same, and I am slowly learning to accept that food poisoning is a possibility (but I desperately hope it doesn't happen to me) and is only a temporary means of weight loss.

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