Weekend 1- Everything is Going to be Alright!

We meet again!

This post is all about how I need to start exercising my liver for the coming 5 years but first, a quick recap.

Last 5 days of classes were all about orientation.  Nothing heavy has started yet and so we have been eased into the motions by an assortment of lovely people, all with accents, only some from Scotland.  

True and Honorary Canadian Clan
While I was loving everything about Scotland and being a student, I was miserable in residence.  I like to think the only reason I was in residence is because I thought they said at the interview residence was mandatory for all first year international students.  I was obviously at the wrong interview.  So I landed in a hall, supposedly the destination for post-grads (I now believe this to be false... which I will have to use to my advantage in the next couple of weeks or so).  The hall itself is dated, old, stinky, creaky, dark, and worn down.  Really not my type of place.  I expressed my overwhelming distaste to my parents when they moved me in but I promised I would try it and we had already paid for it, so there was that... 

But I was miserable.  I couldn't raise my arms in the shower because it was so small, I have 4 other roommates all older than I was and I didn't feel like I could cook or shower when I wanted to for fear of being to noisy because you can hear everything.  So, I started stealthily looking for other places.  And sure enough, 650 square feet of double bedroom glory found its way onto my computer.  Ainsley and I agreed to move out if things worked out in our favour and it was all adding up.'

Sounds like a fairytale right?  Wrong.  Here is the catch.  While we both signed residence contracts, we are allowed to get out of the contracts and sign early departure forms.  However, we lose our deposit and are responsible for paying for our residence until a suitable replacement is found.  It's a calculated risk you could say.  So, sure enough, we found someone immediately to take over for Ainsley which was good because her place was the more expensive of the two rooms.  Now, its my room left.  

The "mature" group
Long story short, Ainsley and I will be carrying two leases until someone moves into my place (which I am hoping and praying is ASAP) and we will be moving into our own place on Wednesday.  SO EXCITING.  Even better?  This all came together on a Friday, which just so happened to be the first Friday of many more to come while attending vet school and also is the Friday in which all the youngins get "slaughtered" at the Student's Union.  Not that I am opposed to getting a little wild, but I just wasn't feeling that venue.

So, as all mature students do, myself and a group of others, planned out own night out.

Stop 1:  Hillhead Bookclub.  Good music, good drinks, great energy. Basically a great place.

Stop 2: Uhhh, not sure.  Don't think we actually got the name but we caught the last song of the live band and were there for last call (WHO CLOSES AT MIDNIGHT ON A FRIDAY!?)

Stop 3: The Sanctuary.  My first club experience in Europe, and I have to say, it was awesome.  Good music, great atmosphere... you get the idea.

My night as epic.

The cherry on top?  The people I shared the night with!  I had a great night, laughed until I cried, and can't wait to spend the next 5 years with this group.

So cheers new and forever friends (Mindy, Jessica, Ainsley, Devin, Ceara, Laura, Julia, Roxy, Nadia and Britany), many firsts, and the best 5 years of our life!

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