Day 3- Admitting You Have A Problem

Today is Day 3 in the life of a veterinary student.  Well, sort of.  The real deal doesn't start until Monday but I like pretending I am more important than I really am.

Today was really nothing special. I was supposed to have a tuberculosis test done today which I was humming and hawing about for the last couple of days.  Fun facts on the shot:  it is a subcutaneous injection (which, if you read my last post, will hurt), that forms a big old ouchie lump that forms this potentially pus filled lump, which scabs and then scars.  Beautiful, right?  No.  Thanks to the kind words of my Big Vet (whoever came up with the idea of the Big Vet/Wee Vet program should be given a medal because I would be lost without her) I chose not to get it.

Reason 1:  a gnarly scar.  I hear things only go down once you hit 20 years old, so the less wrinkles and scars I have, the better.
Reason 2:  Canada can make things super inconvenient for you if they find out you have this shot and I am not about to lie to the government so apparently you have to go for health check ups every 6 months once you get this.  That is not cool.
Reason 3:  Efficacy isn't proven, so why put an unnecessary hole in your arm?

Buchanan Street AKA Style Mile
Then, a couple of my fellow vet students and I went to the city center, spent some money and came home.  Don't worry mom and dad, I didn't buy anything but groceries... and a scarf.  It was cold today!

At home, I took comfort in a PBJ sandwich which satisfied my inner child and brought back oh so sweet memories of Victoria Falls.  Then I settled my feet into my fuzzy slippers and set about writing this post.

I swear, there is more hills here than there should be ANYWHERE.   Cozy slippers are a blessing.  It is uphill both ways.  I am using this as an excuse not to work out and to purchase more slippers sometime in the near future.

I guess I never really mentioned anything relating to a problem and thus, the reason behind the title.

Problem 1:  Residence sucks.  It is literally uphill both ways.  The walk may be long but I do not hate the length of the walk, just the exhaustion of climbing up and down hills and I can only imagine how such a walk uphill would be even less appealing after a real day of lectures.  The flat is also stinky, noisy, creaky and dated.
Possible solution 1: Transfer halls.  Really unlikely because I am told there is a wait list for students to even get a spot, so moving is probably never going to happen.
Possible solution 2: Rent a flat.  It may mean I get disowned when I get home but, if it means I can shower whenever I want, it may be worth it (for the record, I am afraid to shower in the mornings because I don't want to disturb anyone because you hear EVERYTHING).
Possible solution 3: Stop bitching.  End of story.  Likely the best option but I am pulling the diva card for today.

Problem 2: Acquiring a bank card (and subsequently a phone contract) is like trying to catch a leprechaun.  They are elusive and only available to the tenacious.
Possible solution: Stop bitching, and wait.

Problem 3:  European style is much different than good-old North American style and being a poor, needy student, there is no funds to update and upgrade the wardrobe.
Possible solution 1: Marry a prince or some variation of royalty.  Again, the leprechaun analogy would probably apply here.
Possible solution 2:  Stop bitching.

Problem 4:  Tuberculosis shot- SOLVED
Solution:  Exercise your inner rebel and skip it.

Fun Fact- it rained for the majority of the day and I busted out the Hunter umbrella today.  I didn't wear my wellies which was not very intelligent, but I survived!

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