I had the best day of my recent life on Thursday.  Earlier that day, we had a lab where we were working with cockroaches.  I had bugs and the creep crawly things that have more than 4 legs and lack fur (basically anything other than a mammal, reptile or bird).

Feeling sorry for myself for having to spend the better part of my morning in a room filled with cockroaches  I went to pick up some groceries so I could settle in with a nice cup of tea while doing homework and forget about the creepy-crawly terrors from before.  As I am walking through the store, pushing my cart, I get an email.  Since I was just casually strolling through the isles, I decided to read it because it was from the Admissions Director of Glasgow University.  Thinking that she needed an other copy of my transcripts or a new passport photos because the one I had given then may have scared them to much, I skimmed through it and literally stopped in my tracks.

The email, which is one I will never forget, was inviting me to study at the University of Glasgow beginning September 2013.

I started to cry, by myself, in the isles of a grocery store.  I looked every bit as crazy as I felt.

It was surreal.

I never though it would happen.

All of a sudden, it finally hits me that the thing I have wanted for the last 22 years of my life was going to become a reality.  I, Justine Williams, was going to be a veterinarian in 5 short years.

Crazy, right?  Yes.  The relief I felt knowing that I wouldn't have to re-enroll for school at the University of Calgary to continue working on an undergraduate degree or intentionally seek out experience I had not yet had, to know that my future was secure, was a relief I cannot explain.  Add to the relief, the overwhelming sense of pride (I HAD DONE IT), shock and joy... well I wonder how I actually was able to stand on my own 2 feet.

So I am purposefully giving myself a pat on the back for all the hard work I have done to get here, thanking my lucky stars, bosses and references for getting me to the place I am today, and sending positive vibes to all those people who think that it is impossible to follow your dreams.  Let me tell you, I may not have been the most academic, or had the most experience, and truthfully probably not the best applicant they had ever seen, but once you have your foot in the door (the interview), all you need to prove is your passion.  it may have taken me 21 years to get my foot in the vet door and 3 years of attempting to get an interview, but it happened, and look where I am now!

Happy days!

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