First Interview

Today is Halloween and my morning started by sitting on a train without really considering my surroundings.  In the reflection of the windows I see something terrifying and looking closer, realized the terrifying thing was sitting beside me.  Sure enough, at 6:50 am, someone was already dressed up and had successfully scared the hell out of me.

Then, I received some emails and did not consider looking at them (because I don't like when people look over my shoulder and read my messages on public transportation).   When I arrived to school, I began reading the emails I had disregarded only a short time before to find an email from the University of Glasgow.

Call me a pessimist if you must but I thought it was another rejection letter.  For those of you who don't know, nearly half of the applications I had sent in were considered void because my transcripts did not arrive on time (due to an error on my part and the University of Calgary's part).  Anyways, skimming through, I see the words "we would like to take your application further by inviting you for an interview".

I guess having my applications thrown out by some schools was a sign... things really do get better!

First interview for veterinary medicine- check!

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